Sunday, June 5, 2011

Summer TV Shows

Summer used to be nothing but reruns on tv, but no more.  These days, a whole new batch of shows are launched in the summer.  Here are a few I am planning on checking out:

Falling Skies (TNT)...Steven Spileberg, Noah Wyle, alien invaders--sounds like my kind of show

The Hot Zone (ABC)...Grey's Anatomy  meets China Beach..of course will never compare to MASH

Louie (FX) Life in NYC as a single Dad. This is its second summer season, and it got good reviews last yr.

Torchwood (Starz).  Oh no--I dont think I get this channel.  John Barrowman stars in the fourth season of this Dr. Who spinoff.  In case anyone doesnt know, I LOVE John Barrowman.  Let me say that again...LOVE John Barrowman.

Rescue Me (FX).  July 12 marks the start of the seventh and final season.  We're still catching up on Netflix.

Damages This great show has moved to DirecTV this season.  Which means I won't get to see it until its out on DVD.  Or pay to watch on Itunes.

The Hour (BBC America)  Six-part thriller set in a 1950s BBS newsroom.  We really enjoyed "Luther", their last six-part series, so are looking forward to this.  If you havent seen "Luther", an unexpectedly good cop drama, I think it is still available On Demand.

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