Friday, June 17, 2011

Great Adventure Discounts

I'm trying to find the best deal on Great Adventure tickets...taking 2 adults and 3 kids, so the cost is sure to add up.  The adult tickets at the gate are
  • General Admission $59.99
  • Junior Under 54" $, my kids are taller than this, so we are all "general admission" tickets.  

I  found an ONLINE OFFER on their website — $36.99... Buy your Six Flags tickets in advance and print them at home.  So $37*5=$185


Oh, here's another option..bring a specially marked Coke can and get adult tickets for the kids my five tickets would be $175.   


OK..found another.  Use the discount code GUIDEDOG to get $30 tickets online and some portion of your purchase goes to the Seeing Eye Dog Foundation.  Now we are down to $150 for the five tickets, although I just discovered there is a $5 fee PER TICKET for buying online!!!  So I'm back up to $185...


I checked my American Express and Marriott reward accounts, but they don't offer Great Adventure tickets.  

Anyone have other ideas? 


Anyone know of other deals out there? 

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