Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Year to Date Savings

According to the bottom of my Shoprite receipt, so far this year (6 months completed), I've saved $3100.   This includes all sales and coupons.   Assuming my taxes at about 33%, I would of had to earn about $4000 in the last six months to buy these groceries...or an extra $650 a month.   Of course, even without coupons, I would of bought things that were on sale, so the savings seems a bit exaggerated.

Looking at my Quicken, I'm estimating I spent about $2300 at Shoprite so far this year...a little less than $100 a week (I also shop other places...this isn't my entire grocery bill).  But from that perspective, I saved more than 50%.  

What blows my mind is the crazed people on the couponing shows who claim that they save $40,000 a year.  Come on--do you buy that many groceries????!!!!!!   I guess if you have a stockpile to last until the end of time, perhaps... 

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